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Commerzbank AG is a major German bank operating as a universal bank, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. In the 2019 financial year, the bank was the second largest in Germany by the total value of its balance sheet. The bank is present in more than 50 countries around the world and provides almost a third of Germany's trade finance. In 2017, it handled 13 million customers in Germany and 5 million customers in Central and Eastern Europe. Commerzbank is a member of the Cash Group. 15% of the shares are owned by the Federal Republic of Germany and 85% are in free float.

On April 16, 2020, a Commerzbank former employee wrote a review on the GLASSDOOR website:

"Cons: 1. the most disgusting HR and management I have ever seen in my 10 years working life 2. treat Czech employee as cheap labor 3. unhonest job content 4. toxic working environment 5. small and crowded offices 6. A cheap bank with cheap employees, cheap IT, cheap management, cheap salary

Change your job guys, you cannot survive with this salary in this dying bank."


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Former Employee - Compliance says

"Very petty and unprofessional environment."

Former Employee - Assistant Vice President says

"Poor management, ZERO opportunity for growth, technology resources are archaic!"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Terrible work environment, full of misogynistic managers who do not value their staff. No development or growth opportunities, no initial staff training or welcome . Low morale, no investment or time put into staff members. Salary is average."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Place is shrinking fast. Closed most of the London office same thing is happening in NY. Closing down most businesses globally. No future on the investment bank side at this bank."


"about the only good thing"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"* Technology is outdated compared to competitors * Current loyal employees are waiting to be lay off to get package or already looking for work * No pay raises or promotion unless you are connected to upper management * Their Information Technology support is a joke. Headed by people who don't listen"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- layers of Brit in top management (who particularly have no / little interest in development of local talented employees) entertwined with layers of Germany top/ mid management in very small branch - very immature leadership and rigid management style completely lack of conviction, vision and qualification esp in building and running US business in current US regulatory environment - little/ no respect and trust for local employees with jokes about hair styles, dressing code, occasionally work flexibility need due to inclement weather - only support the career development those with Brit/ German connectivity at the expense of US employees. Those who are good left for much more respectful firms - little comp adv for sure"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Cut costs and not even offer paper cups to visitors, low pay, no state of the art technology, no possibility of growth, zero telecommute tolerance even when governments declare emergency and a very hard CEO who cares only about his bonus by saving every penny instead of advancing and taking a positive approach to life."


"Pathetic management. Bad leadership. No transparency. They have not done performance evaluations for employees in the last three years and they pay below average salaries. They will not survive if not for the support they receive from the German Government."


"- Incompetent senior management - Lack of communication from management - Slow response to crisis - Useless HR"

Vice President (Former Employee) says

"Management has no clear strategy and are not realistic with their expectations given the bank's lack of product platforms. Overall, the culture was horrible with many people speaking Spanish for work related conversations even though some people did not understand the language."

Ausbildung (Former Employee) says

"positiv: - geregelte Arbeitszeiten - evtl Jobticket - Zuschuss für Mittagessen/Schecks - 30 Urlaubstage negativ: - Mitarbeiter kein Verantwortungsbewusstsein Auszubildene zu fördern / zu motivieren - man bekommt sehr einfache monotone Aufgaben - man ist stark unterfordert (Briefe und Überweisungskästen lehren: 2 Jahre lang, eventuell mal eine Kontoeröffnung vorbereiten) - keinen eigenen Verantwortungsbereich - man wird nicht motiviert / bekommt kaum etwas beigebracht - es wird eine "Bringschuld" verlangt, d.h. dass man sich selber um seine Ziele und Ausbildung kümmern muss - durch ständige Filialwechsel während der Ausbildung fängt man immer neu an, die Mitarbeiter kennen lernen zu müssen usw ... .. .keineviele"

AML Quality Assurance/Assistant Vice President (Former Employee) says

"awful place to work. although the benefits are probably the best in the industry, the management of this firm is horrendous. turnover is approximately 70% consistently. People do a year and leave, if not less if awarded the opportunity somewhere else. move benefitseverything else is miserable."

NY - Money Transfer Investigations Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Grateful for opportunity to work for Commerzbank. Smaller Bank and made many friends."

Risk Manager (Former Employee) says

"The Management is inexperienced, arrogant and ignorant, this creates for an extremely toxic environment. The place is a revolving door. Employees work for three months and then they leave. They have a going away party every month for someone. Do yourself a favor and please look somewhere else, this place is not worth it and you will not be appreciated for your efforts and work."

Assistant Vice President, Treasury (Current Employee) says

"A typical day working on the trading floor at Commerzbank is a drag. Management is clueless and most on the floor are just clinging to their jobs and do the bare minimumWork/Life BalanceSalary, Distrust of leadership"

Compliance Manager (Current Employee) says

"Pros: Great work-life balance Cons: Antiquated model. No compensation (as in you'll NEVER receive merit increments or substantial bonuses), no employee retention. High turnover rates. Poor management. Poor work culture. Germans get promoted to high ranking roles. No women in leadership roles. No growth. As management has made it clear on multiple occasions, there will be no merit increments offered. Employees should come in at least 40% higher than the market rate. Employees will not be retained irrespective of the knowledge they carry with them. Super high turnover rates. No growth or reward opportunities."

AVP Client Verification Team (Current Employee) says

"Poor leadership environment, staff turnover extremely high. Procedures changes all the tmes. Head Office always disegree with New York Branch. Team leads review your work differently."

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Initial interview and induction period was good but once that wore off the cracks started to show. Lack of training, poor infrastructure, hostile working environment and rapid turnover of staff from senior management to junior staff. Good salary and good location are the only positives about this place."

Former (Former Employee) says

"Commerzbank is shrinking their investment bank. The bank has changed since being rescued by the German government. Management is transforming it into a regional bank. This is not the place anymore to pursue a future in investment banking.Work life balance good here.No future. They stop giving A bonus after being rescued."

Senior Project Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Very low salary, bureaucratic, and slow paced. Management not very responsive to new ideas or thought processes. Corporate culture not agile enough to sustain new growth"

Back office (Former Employee) says

"V bance jsem byl zaměstnán rok na pracovišti na IP Pavlova. Arogantní šéf, konzervativní, nemoderní a neinovativní prostředí stejně tak jako většina kolegů, bohužel. Jako výhodu vidím poměrně širokou škálu benefitů, plat ale průměrný. Oproti současnému zaměstnavateli neporovnatelnéDopravní dostupnost"

Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Poor work life balance. High volume. Unappreciative management. Good colleagues and appreciative boss. Nice environment to work in as all work hard together"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"Commerzbank has a good work/life balance for Employees in general. However, it is very difficult to progress within the organisation as opportunities are not created for staff. Good work goes unnoticed and many end up being forced to leave. This creates a low morale culture, where nothing is ever improved significantly."

Privatkundenberaterin (Current Employee) says

"Aktuell sind die Ziele so utopisch und unerreichbar, dass die Mitarbeiter nur so aus der Bank flüchten. Gespräche bzgl. Weiterbildungsmaßnahmen werden zu spät geführt, die Realisierung ist schleierhaft. Der Druck der Führungskraft ist immens, obwohl auch Ihnen bewusst ist, dass die Anforderungen nicht zu schaffen sind. Es werden Telefonstunden "aufgezwungen". Ständige Kontrolle mittels Email und wöchentlichen Mitarbeitergesprächen."

Global Investigator (Current Employee) says

"Sehr interessant Arbeit, leider nicht das richtige leitung structure."

Gestor de pagos (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente de trabajo poco saludable, salvo la hora de la comida, desorganizado y sin un objetivo concreto.SueldoMal ambiente"

Stellvertretende Abteilungsdirektorin (Current Employee) says

"Spannend ist nach wie vor die Fülle an Angeboten in unserer großen Produktpalette. Hilfreich ist die Vertriebsstruktur die zu komplexeren Anfragen die Möglichkeit stellt einen Experten des Fachgebietes hinzu zu ziehen. Speziell in Frankfurt gibt die neue Kundenstruktur viele Fragen auf. Antworten welche Standorte wie besetzt werden sind noch nicht kommuniziert. So bleibt beim Blick auf die Tafel mit viel weniger Beraterplätzen ein Fragezeichen bezüglich der eigenen Zukunft.Jahrelange KundenbindungKeine Perspektive"

European Equity research sales (Former Employee) says

"the perfect place to retire. There is no consequence for failure. There was no attention paid to quality of work out put as a result and hence employees chose not to exert themselves as there was simply no need!"

Assistant Treasurer/ Associate (Former Employee) says

"Had work to do from the time I sat down at my desk in the morning until I was ready to go home at night. I only took 15 to 20 minute break for lunch so I could go home on time.liked working with the co-workers.supervisors did manage very well."

Sudi says

"Worst customer service experience, Highly dishonest and non transparent policies. very poor customer retention policy, I guess they are least bothered for customer retention. Never ever trust Commerz bank if you need loan from them until its deposited in your account."

woistmeineLV says

"i opened an account in APRIL. ITS NOW JULY 29. i still have no pin for my card. i asked 9 times plus. I have not been able to find out how much money is on my account. i think i spent several days in total. WORST SERVICE WORLDWIDE. STAY AWAY. RUN. WITHOUT BUYING A NEW PHONE I CAN NEVER SEE MY ACCOUNT OR MAKE A TRANSACTION. THEY LIE ON THE HOTLINE. THEY ARE ONLY GOOD AT FINDING MILLIONS OF EXCUSES WHY THEY CANT EVEN TELL YOU HOW MUCH YOU HAVE IN YOUR ACCOUNT THIS TIME. I HAVE MY PHOTO TAN (...), MY PIN FOR ONLINE BANKING, MY USERNAME AND MY ACCOUNT/CARD/IBAN PLUS COUNTLESS MORE CODES. DOES NOT HELP. ???????????????????????????????? I PLAN TO TAKE OUT ALL MONEY AS SOON AD THEY MAY SEND ME A PIN AND BRING IT ELSEWHERE. BUT I MAY NEVER GET THIS PIN. I THINK ABOUT INFORMING THE POLICE AS I CANT ACCESS MY MONEY SINCE APRIL. THEY SEEM TO THINK ITS THEIR MONEY. its the same as stealing my money for 6 months. they dont send me a pin. called since april. they dont reply here. they stole my money as i cant access it. thinking about involving the police"

Raghda Rovan says

"Extremely anti-expat bank. Terrible service"

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